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Welcome to JAMMER SongMaker!
by SoundTrek

Thank you for choosing JAMMER SongMaker. Below you will find information about registering and downloading your software, getting more styles and tips for getting started quickly with JAMMER. Thanks again and enjoy the jams!

Download JAMMER SongMaker & Free Styles

Click here to download JAMMER SongMaker & 125 free band and drum styles.

Upgrade to JAMMER Pro 6 - $59.95

Did you know that as a registered JAMMER SongMaker user you are eligible for special upgrade pricing to JAMMER Professional 6? JAMMER Pro 6 offers an enhanced musical composition engine with more style content and a more robust feature set specifically designed to help you create and edit your own styles. Try the free demo for yourself to check out the added features and new styles then upgrade to the full version at any time for $59.95.

Visit the JAMMER Professional 6 product page.

Listen to mp3 audio demos of JAMMER Professional

Download the free JAMMER Professional demo.
** The demo version is the same as the full version except that saving and looping are disabled.

Getting More Styles

There are two main ways of getting more styles for JAMMER. You can create your own or you can purchase 'add on' styles directly from SoundTrek. For more information about creating and editing your own custom styles, please see the style editing tutorials that come with JAMMER SongMaker.

For maximum style content and style editing ability, please check out the latest version of JAMMER Professional. When you upgrade to JAMMER Professional you are getting more style content (a total of over 390 band styles, 200 drum styles, 2600 musician styles, and 2900 grooves), along with an enhanced feature set which allows you to more easily utilize and manage the additional content.

Also, as a JAMMER Professional user you will be able to purchase any of the additional style packs which are only available to JAMMER Professional users.

Contact SoundTrek for more information about getting extra styles for SongMaker

Getting Started With JAMMER

It is highly recommended that you go through the Creating a Song tutorial before doing anything else. It doesn't take long to complete the tutorial and it is by far the fastest way to learn the essentials of using JAMMER. The tutorial will have you composing music in no time and upon completion you will have the skills necessary to further explore JAMMER's feature set. To access the tutorials select Tutorials from the Help menu.

If you are the type who likes to learn as you go instead of reading the manual from front to back, after completing the tutorial be sure to take advantage of JAMMER's context sensitive help system. You can press the F1 key or click the Help button in any dialog box to access help for that dialog. The same applies to all of the other view types such as the Tracks View and Measures View. This is the quickest way to answer the question "what does that do?".

To get help on a particular menu item, click the help tool on the far right of the main tool bar then click on the menu item or main tool bar item that you want to know more about.

Email Update Notifications

To be notified of updates and new releases enter your email address and click the Subscribe button.