Trial Version

The SoundTrek Drummer Trial Version is fully functional in every way for 30 days. After that, any creations that you have come up with can still be played but no new music can be composed.

Download the free 30 day SoundTrek Drummer Trial Version

Note: For use with VST Host applications such as Cubase please download the appropriate wrapper software from the VST Wrappers section below


Video Tutorials

The following tutorials are available in Windows Media (.wmv) format.


User's Manual

These are the same help files that are included with SoundTrek Drummer.


VST Wrappers

These free programs allow you to use MFX plugins, and therefore SoundTrek Drummer, in VST host applications such as Cubase, Nuendo, VST Host and others.

Important - For host programs that support MFX plugins natively, such as SONAR, it is best to run SoundTrek Drummer as MFX, not VST.

Steinberg MFX Wrapper

Use this for running SoundTrek Drummer in Cubase and Nuendo. To install, extract the dll file from the downloaded zip file into the Cubase / Nuendo 'Components' folder. You will then be able to add SoundTrek Drummer to a MIDI track using an insert.



This is part of a package with a few different VST wrappers, mfxshell being the one of interest. This allows for the usage of SoundTrek Drummer in VST hosts other than Cubase or Nuendo that support Vst-Midi. VST Host is an example of a program that can make use this wrapper.

More information / download available here.


SONAR Templates

Copy these files into your SONAR templates folder. They should then be available when you select File - New in SONAR. These templates give you 1 MIDI track with 1 SoundTrek Drummer assigned. Also, a single event is created on the track about 10 minutes into the song. This allows for normal playing even without any existing MIDI track events, i.e. only Drummer is generating MIDI events. Feel free to modify to suit your needs, such as loading your favorite instruments then saving as a new template.