SoundTrek Drummer Trial Version

SoundTrek Drummer Box Shot

Introducing SoundTrek Drummer, an easy to use yet powerful and flexible MFX MIDI plugin that allows you to easily and quickly create new and original drum beats in many different styles of music. Using SoundTrek Drummer with your favorite hardware or software drum sounds in your preferred MFX or VST host application is the easiest way to create realistic sounding, original and creative drum beats.

Whether you want to create drum parts for a complete song, work out some quick drum beats or create an extended dynamic jam, SoundTrek Drummer gives you the tools to be creative without the hassles of programming or the repetition of loops.

The SoundTrek Drummer Trial Version is fully functional in every way for 30 days. After that, any creations that you have come up with can still be played but no new music can be composed.

Download the free 30 day SoundTrek Drummer Trial Version

Note: For use with VST host applications such as Cubase, please visit our downloads page and download the free MFX wrapper software.